The company MicroStep has already been active in the cutting business for more than 25 years. Since our start in 1991 our professional academic background from the fields of automation and regulation has allowed us to seek different approaches from those of traditional machinery enterprises.

MicroStep has pioneered and successfully implemented a handful of novel solutions that helped to improve the end user experience.

A control system interface running on Microsoft Windows®, a laser pointer for convenient tracking of cutting tool position, automatic plate edge detection and plate size measurement on plasma machines, auto-calibration of bevel tool stations (ACTG®) that not only guarantees long-term accuracy but also immensely simplifies their maintenance, bevel tool stations with auxiliary axes for accurate parallel cutting, Additional Beveling Process (ABP) for beveling of thick parts that saves a great amount of material, mScan technology for 3D mapping of real dome shapes, advanced remote diagnostic and remote control tools that reduce machine downtimes and many more.

Your Partner In Cutting and Automation

Several of our solutions are patented.

We are delighted that many of our ideas and visions are highly appreciated by the industry, and that even some of the more recent ones are already becoming a reality.

Your partner in cutting and automation - MicroStep

Some of the options we offer are:

automated bevel cutting as the process of choice for all who require weld preparation on parts – in 2018 alone over 50% of MicroStep machines were supplied with bevel cutting technology

to deliver multi-functional solutions that streamline the production process and save time for our customers – almost 50 % of machines delivered in 2018 integrated several different technologies

to make bevel cutting a simple, fast and reliable process with unified control for plasma, laser, oxyfuel and waterjet – our unified interfaces and patented ACTG® technology delivered with all MicroStep bevel heads make beveling with our machines a highly precise and stable process, without maintenance downtimes

and many others: multi-functionality in laser cutting, large-scale fiber laser machines, ABP with all cutting technologies, automatic material handling systems our philosophy is to deliver machines that are not isolated tools but form an organic part of the production workflow by exchanging information, predicting break- downs and automating the material flow throughout the customer’s production cycle. The key areas include automation of processes in line with the ideas of Industry 4.0, and activities that improve the consistency of cutting quality, reduce the impact of human errors and increase machine productivity.

Our customers who operate highly-advanced manufacturing facilities search for complex solutions of automation of cutting machines where the inputs are material and task entries from their ERP systems and outputs are processed and sorted high-quality parts, with an update on their status sent back to ERP. Efficiency and reliability of the process is considered a matter of course.

Realization of such complex projects depends on exceptional technical solutions, reliability of their operation and top-level service. Achieving of such goals would not be possible without a strong developer base, strong partnerships with our suppliers and global business partners and most of all with the valued members of our distribution network.

Together we make it happen.

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