3D Bevel Cutting provides you with various amounts of possibilities. We list a few of them below 

  • In the fabrication industry 3D bevel cutting combined with tapping, drilling and marking allows you to calculate the profit by determining the exact time spent on each specific items’ fabrication. This is a huge opportunity, as it gives you control over your production process. When these options are done manually, there is no control over how long a factory worker will take to complete his specific task, even when he is given a timeline.
  • Cutting a part in 2D still requires a part to have holes that are counter sunk, tapped and marked. This means that this process requires 5 steps of manual labour, before a part is ready for weld preparation, which is also a manual process. This is all very costly and timeous, and many mistakes can creep in or drilled parts can be out by 0. Millimetres.
  • This all-in-one system from MicroStep, allows for endless opportunity. When 2D cutting on the machine there is no need to remove the part and mark it manually, as you are able to also mark the part with a part number for identification via the bevel head and software that has been developed over the last 30 years. This is in addition to allowing you to also cut weld preps and chamfers as well as drill holes, counter sink and tap on the same machine.
  • When you enter the parts that are to be fabricated into the CAM system via DXF, (step etc file) to do the nesting, the machine gives you a calculated time of how long it will take to cut the part, to mark the part, to drill, tap (to put a bolt through) and countersink the part.
  • This automated option of 3D Beveling of weld preps and countersinking is available in all cutting technologies, such as either Plasma, Laser, Waterjet or Oxyfuel Cutting.
  • Take control of your production. Know what the cost of a part is that has to be bevel cut, tapped, drilled and marked. Take control of previous inaccuracy and get rid of “thumb sucking” and gut feel which most likely may be preventing your business from growing to new heights.

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