What makes Ludwig Oellermann, MD of MicroStep South Africa tick?

We asked Ludwig a few questions to delve deeper into who he is as a person and to understand why he is so passionate about MicroStep as a brand.

Here are his answers:

1. Who is Ludwig Oellermann as a person

I love God with all my being and my desire is to please him in whatever I do. My family is my second priority and I love to see them reach their potential. My work/MicroStep is the passion that God has given me to care for my family, Colleagues and customers

2. What drives you, what are your passions

I have a deep desire to see people reach their potential. I am passionate about helping people to get solutions to problems that they might face.

3. Why are you so excited about Microstep

MicroStep is a premium World-class brand and I can associate myself with the solutions that we can offer customers in our market segment. MicroStep is offering hope to many companies in that once they have one of our solutions they can save a lot of money on outsourcing costs as well as being more flexible and have the ability to finish jobs much faster and with more pride and with greater margins than before.

4. What is your goal in life

My goal in life it to live as if Today is my last day. Live every day flat-out. Please God everyday more and more. Assist my wife and kids to be champions in whatever they do. Be there for my colleagues and help them achieve also their calling in life.  Have happy and satisfied customers.

I would like to assist young entrepreneurs to be able to start small businesses and in so doing provide for their families.

5. In your eyes what has been a success story for Microstep

We as a team have gone through many ups and downs and yet we have had the ability to pull through at the end much stronger.