Waterjet Cutting Takes Precision Cutting to a New Level.

Precision cutting can be challenging in a traditional machine-cutting environment, but with waterjets, precision is guaranteed. As a reliable and versatile tool, waterjets can cut an extensive range of materials, including titanium, stainless steel, aluminium, munitions, exotic alloys, composites, stone, marble, floor tile, glass, and automotive components.

Waterjet cutting is a precise and versatile technique applied in multiple sectors such as manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, architecture, electronics, and fabrication. This method involves a high-pressure water stream combined with abrasives to cut through a diverse array of materials.

With efficiency, precision, and environmental consideration, making long-term decisions for your manufacturing process means weighing up the pros and cons of available technology. Waterjet cutting provides an effective solution to your cutting requirements. Read on to find out why.

Can Waterjets Cut Through Both Rigid and Soft Materials with the Same Accuracy?

Waterjet cutting, a process that combines high-pressure water with abrasives, generates a force capable of slicing through materials with exceptional precision. The process involves directing water through a narrow nozzle at pressures ranging from 30,000 to 90,000 psi.

For cutting softer materials, the water stream alone may suffice. However, when dealing with more rigid materials like metals, stone, glass, or composites, abrasive particles like garnet (sand) are added to enhance the cutting power.

Computer numerical control (CNC) technology is often employed to precisely control the waterjet, allowing for the effortless cutting of intricate and complex shapes.

How Does Waterjet Cutting Offer Advantages Over Traditional Processes?

Using a waterjet in your manufacturing process provides a host of benefits. It substantially increases the efficiency and speed of cutting. Key benefits include:

• The cutting process is non-thermal, meaning it is not heat generating, making it suitable for heat-sensitive materials.

• Edge quality is meticulous and clean.

• Waterjet can cut through multiple layers of material simultaneously, called stacking.

• There is no limitation on the thickness waterjets can cut through.

• Waterjets do not only cut straight lines they cut intricate shapes too.

• Waterjets cut from multiple angles, increasing cutting speed and decreasing the need for manual intervention.

• Cutting with waterjets leaves no stains on the material.

• There is no need to change tooling in the cutting process.

• The integrity of material properties is preserved.

• Waterjet cutting is cost-effective due to its cold-cutting process, avoiding heat-related warping.

Is Waterjet Cutting an Environmentally Friendly Option?

An added benefit of waterjet cutting is that it has no adverse effect on the environment. The entire process is environmentally sustainable:

• There are no harmful fumes, gases, or dust emitted.

• Material wastage is kept to a minimum.

• Water used for cutting can be recycled.

• Because no lubricants are used in waterjet cutting, any waste created in the process can be strained from the water and safely discarded in a dry landfill.

• Heat fuelling consumption is way less than traditional machine cutting.

With waterjet cutting, not only does your cutting process become more efficient and precise, but your factory will not detrimentally contribute to the environment, which is always an advantageous selling point when approaching new clients.

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