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MicroStep Robotic Applications

Robotic applications: Taking MicroStep machines to another level

Robotic Applications are more and more becoming the norm in Industry and over the last few years MicroStep has always strived to be a market player in the industry. Therefor Robotic Applications and having a comprehensive product line of components for robotic working cells has been one of the priorities over the years.

MicroStep has continuously worked on ways to be innovative and over the years added a few robotic applications to their portfolio.

Amongst these are different types of positioners, gantry-type and cross-beam travel systems and standardized modular welding cells.

Some of the projects that have been supplied so far include turn-key applications such as welding of frames of tower cranes,  ATV and snowmobiles, welding of high voltage capacitors, transformer tanks, luting and conveyor rollers.

Further projects also include milling of plastics, relocation of aluminium casting molds and many more.

The video below demonstrates an automated cutting line of ceramic tanks together with ABB Robots. It is great to watch how the two components work together so smoothly creating an efficient production line. There is hardly any need for human interaction and the operator is merely responsible for the programming of the machine which is done using MicroStep software. Application possibilities for Robots are endless. Also in your company.

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