In these trying times we would like to wish all of our customers well during this time of lockdown. We trust that you will be safe and that during this process you will be able to catch up on administrative work, spend quality time with the family and once this is over and we all return to the new normal, we will be in good spirits.

Our social media over the next few weeks will look to assist in keeping your spirits high. As a country we are known for our ability to keep going, and this is what we shall do.

Together we can best this challenge that is in presented to us and we as a company look forward to providing a special service once we are all returned to work.

We understand times are going to be tough and that we as MicroStep South Africa are here for our clients and will as always look to assist wherever we are able.

Stay safely at home, if you are to go out for essentials please wear a mask and together we can reach the end of this challenge safely.

Our team wishes you a safe stay at home during this time.

We are working remotely and are able to log into customers machine remotely via Team Viewer to assist our customers still operating at this time.