Tegmul Engineering is one of those great examples of how Microstep has managed to assist so many companies globally

Tobie Esterhuizen of Tegmul Enginering purchased a MicroStep MG CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with   Hypertherm HPR 400XD Plasma Source.

We recently spoke to Tobie and asked him a few questions on what was the deciding factor to purchase a new CNC Plasma Cutting Machine for his Engineering Company:

1) what challenges were you facing?
2) what challenges is the engineering/manufacturing industry facing in South Africa?
3) what solution was put forward to you that showed you there was an easier, more cost effective way to do things?
1)  We had a plasma machine that we were working with but it was very old and the technology was very outdated. It was slow and not accurate. We faced challenges of not getting jobs out in time and it was a constant stress.
2) There is a decline in capital expenditure and there are no new projects especially in the mining sector but also in general. The volatile labour market and the labour legislation which is a challenge. In general there is not enough work.
3) Initially we thought of buying another plasma machine and keeping the old one running as a back up. To alleviate pressure off the old machine as it was running 5 days a week 24 hours a day.
Ludwig Oellermann from Microstep South Africa, then approached us and offered us a mind blowing presentation on the new technologies. He showed us how the Microstep machine could in the long run offer us a more cost effective production line. He offered us amazing new technologies such as a 3D cutting head, tapping and drilling and a bigger bed. I ended up spending more, but I got so much more out and I am saving in the long run.
For more information on our machines please do not hesitate to contact us on 083 463 0999.