There is a popular tale that illustrates the reason why opting for cheaper options can ultimately lead to higher costs. Let’s consider a scenario where you purchase a pair of inexpensive shoes, while your friend invests in a pricier pair. Initially, you save money, but chances are your shoes will wear out in half the time, prompting you to buy another pair while your friend continues to wear the expensive pair. In the end, you end up spending more.

This principle can be applied to counterfeit consumables as well. We frequently encounter companies that have fallen into the trap of purchasing counterfeit consumables from unreliable sources like Kjellberg or Hypertherm. We understand the appeal – these counterfeit parts are significantly cheaper than the originals, and in times of financial strain, managing cash flow is a real challenge. However, if we carefully examine the long-term consequences of using these counterfeit parts, we hope to convince you that cheaper doesn’t always mean better.

Shielf Cap Hypertherm - Gauteng
Hypertherm Shield - CNC Cutting

At MicroStep SA, we take pride in supplying top-quality Consumables and Spare Parts for a range of cutting machines, including CNC Plasma Cutting, Waterjet Cutting, Flame Cutting, and Fiberlaser Cutting. We work with renowned brands like Kjellberg, Hypertherm, KMT, and IPG to provide you with reliable solutions.

For Fiberlaser Cutting, we offer a comprehensive selection of IPG consumables, such as nozzles, protective glasses, lenses, and adaptors. When it comes to Plasma Cutters, we understand the importance of maintaining optimal performance, given the high temperatures involved. That’s why we offer consumables for Hypertherm and Kjellberg, including electrodes, swirl rings, nozzles, and shield caps.

When it comes to Waterjet Cutting, we have you covered with KMT gem nozzles, waterjet sand (garnet sand), and waterjet sand pipes. These consumables are essential for ensuring smooth and precise cutting operations.

In addition to consumables, we also stock a wide range of Spare Parts for all the brands we work with, including Teka, Kjellberg, IPG, Hypertherm, and KMT. These spare parts are necessary for replacing worn-out or faulty components and are typically installed by a skilled service engineer.

To maintain optimum efficiency and cutting quality, it is vital to equip your cutting machine with original consumables and parts. By choosing genuine products, you can ensure reliable performance and prolong the lifespan of your equipment. At MicroStep SA, we are committed to providing you with the best solutions to keep your cutting machine running smoothly.

Let’s break it down into various sectors:

Service Life

According to OEM test tables, you get a consistently longer service life on original Kjellberg and Hypertherm consumables.

Counterfeit parts have been proven to be less consistent and operators must check quality of cut parts more often as there is more wear and tear on consumables.

Cutting quality

The cutting quality of original consumables is far superior. The quality of the cut parts is far more consistent even when the consumables reach the end of their life.

Feedback from customers on non-original consumables is that they do not last as long and the cutting quality is not consistent, so in the end you are not saving any money.

Amount of pierces

The hafnium in each electrode is pressed in. This means that the Hafnium in each electrode is exactly the same as the next one. This leads to more piercings per consumable set and more consistency.

In copied parts or non – originals, the hafnium is not pressed in but cast. This leads to the amount of hafnium to vary from electrode to electrode. This means there is inconsistency and less pierces per consumable set.

Technical support

When using original parts our Service Engineers can assist the operator with cutting quality issues as the machine has pre-set cutting parameters that are programmed according to the consumables.

If you are buying cheaper consumables, technicians generally cannot assist with poor cutting quality as the machine is not set up for the use of these consumables. Also this can affect the machine efficiency and  lead to long term damages which then become much more of a cost liability.

So, in closing we think it is pretty obvious which is the better choice. Spend the money upfront and save on money and headaches in the long run.

How to change your Hypertherm Plasma Cutting Consumables


There are many patents that have been registered that the OEM manufacturer has researched over a long period of time and designed for optimal performance and service life.

When you have a company that is producing non-original or counterfeit consumables, the company’s manufacturing these, have to design and manufacture the consumables in such a way as not to infringe on the patent rights. This leads to inferior performance and service life.

In closing, other important aspects that affect the lifetime of the consumables, is the purity of the gas. Gas air should always be oil and grease free. Consumables should always be clean, and the operator should always blow the torch after every change of the consumables.

A consumables lifespan has many influencing aspects, like handling, piercing technology, programming and or purity of the gases used, however it is almost always the original consumable that will outweigh the lifespan of a counterfeit one.

Kjellberg Consumables - MicroStep South Africa
Kjellberg Consumables - MicroStep South Africa

Kjellberg Consumables – MicroStep South Africa

How to change your Kjellberg Plasma Cutting Consumables

At MicroStep SA we have a wide range of original plasma cutting consumables for Kjellberg and Hypertherm plasma cutting torches, anything from shields, shield caps, nozzles, electrodes, swirl rings and more.

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