There is a story that goes around that explains why cheaper in the end will always cost you more. Let’s say you buy a cheap pair of shoes, and your friend buys an expensive pair. Yes, you have saved money at the get go, but most likely your shoes will last half the time and you will find yourself, buying another pair of shoes, while your friend is still wearing his expensive pair. In the end you have spent more.

Counterfeit Consumables work the same way.

We so often come across companies that have fallen into the trap of buying counterfeit consumables. We get it. They are much cheaper than the originals and in these times cash flow is a serious challenge, but if we can look at the long-term issues caused by the use of these counterfeit parts, maybe we can convince you that cheaper is not always better.

Hypertherm Shield - CNC Cutting
Shielf Cap Hypertherm - Gauteng
Electrode - Hypertherm - Gauteng

Let’s break it down into various sectors:

  1. Service Life

According to OEM test tables, you get a consistently longer service life on original consumables.

Counterfeit parts have been proven to be less consistent and operators have to check quality of cut parts more often as there is more wear and tear on consumables.

  1. Cutting quality

The cutting quality of original consumables is far superior. The quality of the cut parts is far more consistent even when the consumables reach the end of their life.

Feedback from customers on non-original consumables is that they do not last as long and the cutting quality is not consistent, so in the end you are not saving any money.

  1. Amount of pierces

The hafnium in each electrode is pressed in. This means that the Hafnium in each electrode is exactly the same as the next one. This leads to more piercings per consumable set and more consistency.

In copied parts or non – originals, the hafnium is not pressed in but cast. This leads to the amount of hafnium to vary from electrode to electrode. This means there is inconsistency and less pierces per consumable set.

  1. Technical support

When using original parts our Service Engineers can assist the operator with cutting quality issues as the machine has pre-set cutting parameters that are programmed according to the consumables.

If you are buying cheaper consumables, technicians generally cannot assist with poor cutting quality as the machine is not set up for the use of these consumables.

So, in closing we think it is pretty obvious which is the better choice. Spend the money upfront and save on money and headaches in the long run.

  1. Patents

There are many patents that have been registered that the OEM manufacturer has researched over a long period of time and designed for optimal performance and service life.

When you have a company that is producing non-original or counterfeit consumables, the company’s manufacturing these, have to design and manufacture the consumables in such a way as not to infringe on the patent rights. This leads to inferior performance and service life.

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