MicroStep Services

MicroStep South Africa offers various after sale services: We pride ourselves in helping our customers and being there for them when needed

Services - Breakdown


Machine and technical source repair

Hardware and software replacement, fault and problem solving.

Services - General Service / Prev. Maintenance

General Services / Preventative Maintenance

Machine and technical source parts replacements based on maintenance schedule

Keeping machine and technical source in working condition and minimizing break downs.

Services - Training


Machine crew training

Operator, CNC designer and maintenance personnel training.

Services - (Hard Drive) System Backup

(Hard Drive) System Backup

Includes OP. system (HDD) backup, control system parameter backup

Restore files storage. Minimize down time in case of system crash. (hardware/software)

Services - Cleaning & Condition Assesment

Cleaning & Condition Assessment

Complex machine and technical source cleaning, greasing and condition assessment

Includes the condition and replacement recon report.

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