The DS series was designed as an automated process line that focuses on time and cost efficiency in 3D sheet metal processing. With the DS cutting system, it is possible to process flat material both by means of plasma and oxyfuel technology as well as to mount holes and threads. Designed for permanent and daily use, it supports an effective cutting operation by means of a high degree of automation. An example of this is automatically feeding the materials and sorting the cut workpieces. With a standard dimension of 6,000 x 2,000 mm, the CNC system offers a large working area and, thanks to the massive steel portal, stability at the same time. This is to ensure a high quality of cutting.

The special variant of the system type is the DS-B. This was especially designed for the machining of hollow sections. It makes drilling more efficient thanks to a rotating drill support. This allows you to drill two turret boring heads simultaneously at two points in a profile. In this special variant, profiles with a diameter of up to 300 mm and a length of up to 12 m can be machined.

Automatable loading and unloading

As a time and cost efficient production solution, the DS series has a high degree of automation. Everything happens automatically from the loading of the sheets into the cutting zone, the unloading of the processed parts and the separation of the residual material.

Series DS - MicroStep - Steel Fabrication

There have been previous instances in the past where bevel torches have not been able to return to the correct or original position after a knock has occurred. This always leads to a very lengthy process of re-adjusting the setting after an accidental change of the position of the rotator.

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