Scanning and Reading

There are various options for scanning and reading. Below are some examples

Bar code scanning

With provided barcodes semi-finished products can be read automatically by hand or using a scanner. The captured information such as material type, material thickness, size, charge, melting point or where appropriate the form of a residual table, can all be taken from the machine controller and used in the connection to create a suitable cutting plan.

Scanning and Reading: Scanning of contours and holes

Scanning of contours and holes

Holes, contours and even ready-cut parts can be read by a laser scanning unit and then further processed. Components whose thickness (usually > 60 mm) no longer permit chamfering can be retrofitted with precise weld preparations.

Sheet metal position determination

With a positioning laser the cutting system accurately detects the edges and the direction of the metal sheet and aligns the nested cutting plan accordingly. This feature relieves the operator and reduces set-up times, as metal sheets don’t have to be setup exactly.

Scanning and Reading: Sheet metal position determination

Surface scan on pipes, profiles and dished ends

No pipe or dished end is equal within a batch. Therefore, the processing of semi-finished products requires an intelligent cutting system that factors in the differences between the pipes, profiles and dished ends that are to be processed.

To eliminate any deviations, MicroStep® cutting systems start a series of measurements. These metrics are calculated at the controller and are integrated into the cutting plan. The system responds intelligently and incorporates any deviations and ensures that especially in larger production cycles, the highest quality is maintained.

Even in special cases the data plays a crucial role because often there can be deviations from the actual dimensions of the semi-finished products. Even if it is only a slight deviation.

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