More Information on protection in the workplace

The safety of employees is a key aspect in the design of industrial manufacturing processes. A risk and protection system for the employed is incorporated into the production cutting system.

MicroStep® delivers cutting systems when required, with a security package that meets the specific requirements under the respective production processes – from a complete soundproofing enclosure up to the overall concept with optically controlled work zones.

If an adequate overhead crane is not available, the entire loading and unloading of the cutting system can also be done via automated conveyor tables. For this purpose the metal sheet is only stored in a loading zone. The feeding table then transports the sheet into the cutting region. When the cut is finished the sheet is automatically transported to where the finished parts can be conveyed and then removed and sorted.

It is also very important from a servicing point of view that a risk assessment is in place and therefore all Microstep Technicians are highly trained and MicroStep has a Risk Assessment procedure in place. This is especially imperative when dealing with larger organizations.

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