ProfileCut machine offers a comprehensive solution for steel structure production. It incorporates various cutting zones, including a dedicated area for structural profiles, and employs a laser scanner to ensure precise cutting based on the profile's actual shape.



The DRM Series The DRM is an advanced CNC cutting machine specifically designed for a wide range of dome, sheet, and pipe applications. With its robust gantry, it ensures stable and vibration-free operation, even when handling heavy equipment such as automatic oxyfuel triple torches. The machine also features a 120° rotator [...]



The CombiCut Series Enables cutting of material thicknesses of up to 300 mm. Furthermore, the CombiCut can be fitted with various technologies such as a plasma- rotator or a tripple Flame cutting unit (Oxyfuel).Drilling Tool station with capasity of up to 40mm dia and even different marking technologies. If required up [...]

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