The MG series – The all-rounder among cutting systems The flag-ship among the MicroStep® cutting systems. It is built for continuous use in the industry and meets the highest demands on precision, performance and user-friendliness. The MG series can be configured with a variety of technologies: 2D cutting, bevel cutting, tube & section (I-beam, [...]

The ProfileCut Series


The ProfileCut series. tailor-made for precise and efficient processing of profiles of any kind In addition to the processing area on the ProfileCut the system can be equipped with a cutting table for sheet metal processing. This allows for both profiles and beams and plates. This will give your production the flexibility and saves [...]



The AquaCut series highly precise cutting without thermal effect A high-precision CNC water jet cutting system, which was developed in order to process almost any material without affecting it thermally. With pure water or the addition of abrasives materials such as metal, stone , marble , armoured glass , ceramic , plastic , wood, [...]

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