Plasma cutting comes in handy with artistic production, automotive repair, industrial construction, metal centres and general manufacturing.

The bright torch of a plasma cutter can be found in most metal fabrication shops. Used to slice through huge sheets of metal of any thickness, this technique is used to manufacture a huge variety of metal objects such as gates and signage, up to heavy equipment and machinery.

Plasma Cutting is a profile cutting technique which can cut through any conductive metal. This includes metals like Mild steel, Stainless Steel and aluminium, both thick or thin.

Agricultural Industry Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting also has more industrial applications, such as CNC Plasma Cutting which cuts profiles from digital files onto larger sheets of metal. These sorts of processes make Plasma Cutting super precise in profile cutting.

So when it comes to the agricultural sector, this technology has played an important role.

Companies, like John Deere, Case New Holland, and others heavily invest in research and development as they understand that technology advancement plays a vital role to the survival of this sector. Plasma System manufacturers, such as MicroStep, equally are also continuing to invest in developing new technologies that can help farmers work metal more productively.

Whether they know it or not, farmers can benefit from using plasma cutting tools. High-Definition Plasma Cutting Machines are very powerful and exceptionally versatile machines, which make them perfect on the farm.

One of the best components of today’s plasma is its adaptability. Plasma’s ability to cut different metal types, including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and more, is one of the technology’s key advantages. Also important is the fact that plasma can cut through dirty, painted and even rusted metals without any preparation. Time saving is always an advantage and plasma cutting provides the ability to cut and pierce with no preheating of the metal. Plasma also cuts metal grate, a common material used around the farm, far faster and easier than other cutting tools.

The ability to use plasma on any metal is something that has not gone unnoticed by farmers. While an oxyfuel flame creates a mess of dross and metal, a plasma system cuts cleanly through, with efficiency and virtually no dross.

A huge advantage to plasma cutting is the ability to gouge metal. It is an effective substitute for carbon arc and oxyfuel gouging in many applications. Plasma gouging is a good solution for a variety of equipment repair and maintenance jobs, where existing welds or rivet heads need to be removed. Plasma is also capable when it comes to back-gouging applications for weld preparation.

Our MicroStep machines are great for the many custom fabrication jobs that a farm requires.

MicroStep machines offer two types of bevel cutting processes:

DBP – Direct beveling process – represents the classic type of weld edge preparation, where the bevel is cut directly into the raw material (sheet metal, pipe, profile or dome). The desired bevel – A, V, Y, X or K – is created via multiple consequent transitions of the cutting tool (at different angles) along the cut edge.

MicroStep CNC gantry cutting systems with two rotators also enable the parallel cutting of two identical parts using two rotary heads at once.

ABP – Additional beveling process – enables the subsequent beveling of parts that have already been cut by plasma, laser, oxyfuel or even waterjet. The bevel cutting head can even be used to cut serrated cutting blades used in hammer mills.

Some farmers may also appreciate the ability to cut metal using automated tools. As always, Plasma Cutting delivers. Whether mounted on a small X-Y cutting table for cutting parts or ornamental designs, or used in conjunction with a tube cutting tool, the ability to perform a wide variety of jobs makes plasma valuable.

With the ever-growing technology and adaptability of powerful high-definition plasma systems, the agricultural sector can get more of their cutting and gouging work done in house, in less time and at lower cost than ever before–making plasma a true productivity tool no matter what you farm.

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