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The most modern technology – Microstep South Africa combines a range of technology in order to offer our customers complete solutions with the processing of various steels, profiles, tubes and dished ends.

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The MG series – The all-rounder among cutting systems The flag-ship among the MicroStep® cutting systems. It is built for continuous use in the industry and meets the highest [...]


MasterCut Eco

The Original - The new MasterCut Eco Already proven in many productions, the MasterCut Eco cutting package takes it to the next level. Even more compact, yet flexible and even [...]


MSF Compact

MSF Compact MSF Compact is a powerful yet cost-effective version of MSF - without compromising any of the dynamic properties of the MSF line. The machine is designed for [...]



The MasterCut series The solution for your cutting applications The MasterCut series is a versatile CNC cutting machine, which can be used both in small workshops as well as [...]


Pipe Cut

The PipeCut series A CNC tube and profile cutting system, which was developed for the machining of tubes with large diameters and lengths. The machine is modular and can [...]


The ProfileCut Series

The ProfileCut series. tailor-made for precise and efficient processing of profiles of any kind In addition to the processing area on the ProfileCut the system can be equipped with [...]



The DRM Series A high-performance CNC system, which was developed for a wide range of primary forms. (eg sheets, dished ends , pipes ) . The very stable portal [...]



The CombiCut Series Enables cutting of material thicknesses of up to 300 mm. Furthermore, the CombiCut can be fitted with various technologies such as a plasma- rotator or a [...]



The OxyCut series A powerful and reliable CNC cutting machine that was developed primarily for oxy-fuel cutting but can also be used in a plasma - oxyfuel combination. The [...]



The FiberLas series high cutting speeds and delicate cuts A laser system with a very high efficiency which can process a variety of materials with fiber laser or a [...]



The AquaCut series highly precise cutting without thermal effect A high-precision CNC water jet cutting system, which was developed in order to process almost any material without affecting it [...]



VARTEK Machinery - ADVANCEFORM AdvanceForm is designed and built for the production environments which process high volume/low mix products. AdvanceForm shares the same modular structure with AccuraForm so [...]



The MasterCut series The solution for your cutting applications [...]


Pipe Cut

The PipeCut series A CNC tube and profile cutting [...]

Easily find what you’re looking for with our online solutions guide. 

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Easily find what you’re looking for with our online solutions guide. 

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“I was so impressed with the PLS plasma machine from MicroStep that I bought in 2006, as it allowed me to increase my production. When I needed another Plasma Cutter to assist me with the added work load it was a no brainer to purchase another MicroStep machine. I now also own a Mastercut Compact Plasma Cutter and am very happy with it”

Karl Eldring, Shutcor, Pretoria

“Microstep offered us more than we expected. We got a bigger bed, a 3D head, tapping and drilling…what I have gotten out of the machine is unbelievable…I paid more, but I was getting so much more”

Tobie Esterhuizen, Tegmul Engineering

“We had a plasma cutter from another manufacturer which we were not happy with at all. I needed a new machine and although the Microstep Plasma was much more expensive, I was sold on the after service the company offered and I saw the possibilities the machine had to offer. I realize now that I made the correct choice as the machine purchase pays off on a daily basis”


Edwin Bisschops, Bisschops Staalwerke

“MicroStep is much more advanced in the plasma cutting machinery than other manufacturers and there are so many more possibilities with the machine. Easyway Gadgets is now looking into the possibility of a MicroStep Fiberlaser.”

Rickus Senekal, Easyway Gadgets

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