MSF FiberLas

MSF Fiberlas -The Fiber Laser all rounder

The new generation of MSF FiberLas is here and ready. With MicroStep’s precise laser all-rounder, it is now possible to machine sheet metal in various ways on just one CNC machine. Features include are  combined 2D and 3D cutting, drilling, tapping, countersinking and marking. Chamfers of up to 45 ° are now possible and a drilling spindle allows drilling up to 20 mm in diameter and threads up to M16.

In addition to these great options, the machine can also be equipped with an option for pipe cutting up to 12 meters long and 500 mm in diameter. Profile cutting is possible up to a length of 12 meters and an edge length of 300mm. Our unique MicroStep patented software called ACTG® process (automatic calibration of tools), ensures the best quality even with high system utilization.

A pallet changer is standard for this type of machine and automated material handling for sheet or tube and profile is also available. The compact, highly dynamic machine, which can handle up to 10kW laser sources, is perfect for producing high-precision parts at high cutting speeds, but with remarkably low maintenance and operating costs. The outstanding dynamics of the MSF FiberLas range are achieved with a low gantry construction, digital AC motors and precise planetary gears.

MSF Fiberlaser Cutting Machine Technical Specifications and Info

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MicroStep Fiberlaser

MicroStep Fiber Cutting Machine