CNC Cutting Technology from MicroStep

MicroStep prides itself in being world leaders in Plasma Technology and in order to keep up with the high standards, we are constantly improving on our technologies. Our MG CNC Plasma Cutting Machine is our most prized masterpiece.

MG CNC Machine

MG represents a high-precision and reliable cutting machine with a gantry manufactured and designed for:

Various Technology Options:

3D Plasma-, 3D oxyfuel cutting; Marking with Ink-jet or Micro-punching; Tapping and Drilling; Camera for scanning of parts and Tube- and Profile cutting. The concept of the system is modular, thus enabling optimazation and further expansion of the system.

The machine is equipped with an efficient and user-friendly CNC control system iMSNC500. The TFT colour monitor with touch screen and an industrial waterproof keyboard is very user friendly and one can operate the machine after only a few hours of training.

Standard Features

  • Very good cutting quality as a result of a double sided synchronized drive system in longitudinal axis
  • Sharp angles and corners, as well as high contour precision resulting from rack and pinion drives and the application of fast CNC-Controls under Windows® 2000™
  • High safety and environmental standards, and less pollution through a sectional under-table extraction system
Application High precision plasma and gas cutting system
Cutting area 3000mm x 1500mm –
Guides and Drives High-precision racks on both axes, double side driven gantry
Cutting Accuracy ISO 9013
Drives motors Service free, processor controlled DC-Servos
Manual Control Control console with LCD display mounted on the gantry
Type of height control Based on Plasma Arc Voltage
Measuring system IRC (Increment sensors)
Positioning accuracy ± 0,05 mm in compliance with DIN 28 206
Repeating accuracy ± 0,025 mm in compliance with DIN 28 206
Positioning speed 35000 mm/min
Max. Cutting speed  0 – 15000 mm/min
Energy sources: 20V, 50Hz, 16A, and compressed air 6 bar
  • The MG type machines are designed for long-lasting industrial use and meet the highest requirements of precision, performance and ease of operation
  • High-quality cutting with high-definition plasma as well as with
  • Standard air plasma sources
  • Excellent motion dynamics
  • Efficient and user-friendly PC-based CNC control system, iMSNC®
  • Meeting of comprehensive safety and environmental standards
  • Excellent exhausting efficiency provided by a sectional cutting table with intelligent extraction system based on electronic control of suction zones, designed to meet the standards of high-speed plasma cutting
  • Sharp angles and corners of cut parts as well as high contour precision resulting from helical rack and split helical pinion drives
  • Advanced height control for plasma cutting based on proprietary adaptive algorithms backed by ball screw actuated
  • Z axis
  • Manual control units mounted on the gantry providing all positioning and technology control functions
  • Covers for protection of mechanical parts against fumes and damages