MicroStep delivers exceptional precision and reproducibility of cut parts

Whether you are in the transport sector, shipyard industry, whether you are contract cutting, steel processing or in steel construction. We have you covered. We pride ourselves in the ability to deliver Your Partner in Cutting and Automation. MicroStep delivers exceptional precision and reproducibility of cut parts

For those of you in plant and equipment construction, we have you equally covered.

We, at MicroStep SA are proud to be able to state that we are unbiased towards any technology, because we have the capacity to offer you all.

We can offer you a Flame Cutting System, a Plasma Cutting System, Waterjet and Fiberlaser and each technology comes with unique features.

We offer solutions for all four cutting technologies that are key in metal processing, both in 2D and 3D. This means that we analyse your exact needs and offer you the right solution for your business.

Our in-house software adds state of the art possibilities to all these technologies, which makes owning one of our machines a must have addition to your setup.

Thanks to patented technologies, several technologies can be combined on a MicroStep cutting system.

2D cutting, 3D cutting, e.g. for weld preparation, drilling, tapping, threading as well as marking. This all saves space and time in your production setup, which in turn reduces your running costs.

We get so excited when we see one of our systems working it’s magic and we love seeing our customers’ faces when they see their new system in action for the first time.

We pride ourselves in our aftersales support and our ability to access your system remotely which allows for a quick turn around time and minimum downtime.

These are some of the industries and how MicroStep can assist:

Vehicle Manufacturing Sector/Automotive Sector

For suppliers and manufacturers in the automotive and transport industry a fast processing and fast delivery time with maximum quality, are the keys to success. Multifunctional systems that combine numerous machining options and thus save production distances give a decisive competitive edge. Flexibility in manufacturing is one of the most important factors, especially in an industry where special customer requirements and high requirements are at stake. And with an understanding of these everyday challenges, MicroStep offers the optimal solution for every cutting task – tailored to your production needs. We have in the past, partnered with other highly regarded suppliers to create a fully automated solution.

Systems and Machine Fabrication

In the machine manufacturing sector, short processing times with highest possible precision are required. A high reproducibility of workpieces without quality fluctuations is an essential criterion in this industry. The necessary flexibility in the manufacturing process also plays a decisive role. That’s why MicroStep relies on multifunctionality, reliability and precision when designing the cutting systems, so that you can design your everyday processes as efficiently as possible.

Equipment & Dished Ends Manufacturing

For companies whose core task is the production and processing of apparatus and dished ends, the focus is on precision and high cutting quality with fast turnaround times. High customer requirements and special productions also demand increasing flexibility in manufacturing. MicroStep offers the ideal solution with the multifunctional CNC cutting systems. in this way, sheets as well as pipes, profiles and dished ends can all be processed on one system. Numerous machining options can be implemented on one cutting system and thus save not only time but also investment costs. In the field of automated dished ends processing, MicroStep sets new standards in terms of speed and precision.

Steel Fabrication Sector

The contract cutting industry as well as companies whose core business is focused on metalworking are always under enormous time pressure. In most cases, manufacturing processes involve several steps that are time-consuming and costly. In addition, conditions such as high-quality standards, complex custom-made products and high competitive pressure increasingly demand flexibility in production and processing. Multifunctional CNC cutting systems meet these daily challenges with enormous time saving due to numerous different machining options on a single system.

These are just some of the industries we have helped grow with all our different technology offerings.

Contact us for all your cutting needs. We want to help you grow your business to new heights.  Our highly specialized sales team will come and assess your setup and guide you with the best solution.