Automation is our Focus

MicroStep wants to focus predominantly on Automation going forward and this was a big discussion at this years global sales meeting.

From the 9th until the 11th of April, MicroStep Slovakia held their annual Global Sales Meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia.

This was a great opportunity for all the countries representatives to get together and share success stories, as well as challenges faced in the industry over the passed year.

Positive for the South African market is that despite all our challenges, we still feature quite high on sales in comparison globally.

It was a great occasion to brainstorm on where the future is headed and what can be done differently on an operational level, going forward.

New and Exciting Technology coming our Way

MicroStep wants to focus predominantly on Automation going forward and  this amazing double sided loading system has been developed and can be customized accordingly.

Automatic Loading System from MicroStep

Automatic Loading System from MicroStep

MSF fiber laser cutting machine 3×1,5m with shuttle table & Double sided Loading system

MicroStep's Automatic Sorting System

MicroStep’s Automatic Sorting System

The Automatic Sorting System

It can be added to your Fiberlaser, Plasma, Oxyfuel or Waterjet Cutting System.

The system calculates the position of the cut parts in advance and the gantry works like a robot. It automatically sorts out parts after cutting. No more need for additional expensive robots.

The MS Loop

A system that will move among 3 machines set up, so it works like a conveyor system. The palette will go through various stages and once at the end will drop and be moved under the machine to the first position so that the next palette can be loaded.

MS Loop – exchange palette system

These 2 new Automation Options are just an example of the many options MicroStep has to offer. They are a prime example of how MicroStep is advanced in their software development.



ABP Oxyfuel

For the first time one can cut very tight radiuses and curves with Oxyfuel Cutting on Mild Steel.  Thicknesses range from 22mm mild steel up to 150mm

Additional Bevel Process

Additional Bevel Process with Oxyfuel

3D Bevel Plasma Cutting

Microstep is the only manufacturer that is able to cut the countersunk bevels for liner/wear plate manufacturing. This is possible on our laser, plasma and waterjet bevel cutting heads.

Wear Plates

Cutting of Wear Plates

Dished End or Dome Cutting

Scanning of domes and creating a 3D Model from the scan. This is revolutionary in the industry.

Dished Ends

3D Scan of Dished Ends or Dome

Dome Cutting

Machine Alignment for Dished Ends

Dome Cutting

Completed Dished End with various options

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