Various options for marking and labeling make it an easy process for your production

Plasma marking

Plasma marking is supported by almost all current plasma sources with automatic gas console and is considered an economic labelling technology – also for the production of smaller series. Granulation, lines, labels and welding approaches can be mounted without additional accessories. The depth of the marks can be regulated directly by the strength of the current. The heat input into the material can, even if only very minimal, lead to a structural change and this is not desirable for the safety of the relevant parts.

Marking and Labeling_MicroStepSA
Marking and Labeling_MicroStepSA

Needle marking

Needle marking units are particularly suitable for labels to withstand the long period of strong mechanical stresses. Using this method, especially hardened marking needles penetrate up to 2 mm deep into the material and allow feed rates of up to 2000 mm/min. The needle marking forms are a robust and fast labelling option for harsh industrial environments.

Inkjet marking

Inkjet marking is suitable for the non-contact printing and marking of materials without damaging the surface. Tiny ink particles are dropped when driving in the form on the material and the ink dries in no time. This labelling method allows printing of alphanumeric characters, graphics and bar codes on virtually any surface. This method is not suitable if you want to select components that are sandblasted at a later stage.

Marking and Labeling_MicroStepSA
Water marking_MicroStepSA

Water marking

Water marking: Using a high-pressure pump and a pure-water cutting head, the label is placed approximately 0.5 mm deep into the material. This label technology is particularly suitable when components may be exposed to thermal stress, where ink jet marking would come off with sandblasting or the deep penetration of an inkjet marker is undesirable. Depending on the customers’ needs the MicroStep® cutting systems can be equipped with any marking and labeling method.

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