MicroStep proudly presents the new generation of the MSF Pro, a precise laser all-rounder that revolutionizes sheet metal processing on a single CNC system. With combined 2D and 3D laser cutting, drilling, threading, countersinking, and marking capabilities, it offers multifunctionality like never before. Experience chamfers of up to 45° and utilize the drilling spindle for diameters of up to 20 mm and threads up to M16. Furthermore, the system can be equipped with an optional pipe cutting feature, profile cutting up to 12 meters in length and 500 mm in diameter, and automatic calibration with the patented ACTG® unit for unmatched process reliability.

Thanks to MicroStep’s groundbreaking ABP technology, weld seam preparations can be retrofitted to pre-cut components. With a shuttle table and automated material handling options, the MSF Pro ensures efficient operations. Expect exceptional precision and speed with the choice of laser sources up to 10 kW, while enjoying low maintenance and operating costs. Trust MicroStep’s expertise as many satisfied customers have, and reap the benefits of the MSF Pro for your sheet metal work, tube and profile processing, and much more.



MSF Pro machine is a powerful laser cutting system for cutting of materials with a fiber laser, or a combination of fiber laser and plasma. The machine is designed for production of highly accurate parts at high cutting speeds, with surprisingly low maintenance and operational costs. The outstanding dynamics of MSF Pro is achieved by a low-seated gantry, digital AC drives and precise planetary gears. The machine is by default equipped with an automatic shuttle table.


Technical specifications


Effective working area length* 1,000 to 15,000mm
Effective width of working area* 1,500 to 3,000mm
Automatic changing table included as standard

* Different configurations on request. Other desired table dimensions can also be realized without a changing table. The net work area can be edited with all available tools.


possible number of tools 2
possible cutting process fiber laser
Max material thickness depending on the laser source

Pipe and square profile processing

Minimum pipe diameter from 20 mm
Maximum pipe diameter up to 500mm
Minimum dimension square profile 14x14mm
Maximum dimension square profile 350x350mm
Maximum wall thickness depending on the laser source
Minimum tube length 500mm


drilling up diameter 20 mm
thread up M16
Maximum number of tools 6
change of tools hydraulic
Max. speed of the spindle 5,200 rpm
axial force 3,000 N
Tool change duration < 1 sec
Compressive force hold-down 1170 N
lubrication, cooling external, oil – aerosol
Nominal Torque 21 nm


transverse velocity up to 180,000 mm/min.
Z axis positioning speed up to 50,000 mm/min.
Positioning accuracy Pa 0.07 mm according to VDI/DGQ 3441
Repeatability Ps 0.03 mm according to VDI/DGQ 3441
X, Y axis Linear guides, driven on both sides and helical gear racks
Z axis rack
portal execution massive steel portal

Control & software

steering iMSNC®
main control panel Ergonomic 24″ touchscreen control panel
operating system Windows 11 Pro (64-bit)
Additional control units Portable control unit (attached to the main control panel)
All statements without guarantee

RSV lasers

The tube cutting device for the MicroStep® fiber laser machine can optionally be integrated into the cutting table of the machine. Compared to the standard machine version, the machine has a wider cutting table for optional tube processing, in whose widening the tube processing is integrated. The turning and positioning unit as well as the matching pipe carriers are mounted on the left side of the cutting table.

The material is clamped by feeding a bezel. The tube is locked in place with a jaw chuck and the support device is slid onto the tube from the opposite side. Locked by compressed air, the jaw chuck holds the workpieces securely in position. The tube sections are in the tube cutting device of the table and can be removed from there.

In order to simplify loading of the rotating and positioning unit, doors can optionally be integrated into the left side enclosure. The doors allow free access to the tube axis for better handling.

Specification :

Minimum pipe diameter:  16mm
Maximum pipe diameter:  200-500mm
Maximum wall thickness:  15mm