Introducing the MSF Max series, the ultimate solution for laser cutting large-scale applications. This 3D high-speed cutting machine is designed to deliver precise processing, including efficient bevel cutting, of large-sized shipbuilding components. With its impressive production versatility, the MSF Max offers 2D cutting, bevel cutting up to 45°, drilling up to 30mm in diameter, tapping up to M20, countersinking, and marking capabilities.

The machine’s mobile safety cabin provides a work area of up to 50 meters long and 6 meters wide. Its mobility enables cutting in one zone while simultaneously loading and unloading outside the cutting zone, resulting in minimal idle times. The patented auto-calibration system, ACTG®, guarantees long-term accuracy of the bevel cutting process. In the MSF Max, the ACTG® station is efficiently integrated into the gantry, accelerating the calibration process. Get your hands on the MSF Max series for unparalleled laser cutting performance in large-scale applications.




Handles even the most complex cutting tasks – the iMSNC® machine control

iMSNC® from MicroStep is one of the most advanced control systems for CNC cutting machines. It was developed to easily, reliably, and efficiently turn cutting plans into finished parts with the help of a clear and modern user interface.

MSF Max is a giant

Technical specifications


Effective length of work area on request
Effective width of work area on request


Possible number of tools 4
Possible cutting processes fiber laser
Maximum material thickness according to laser source


Traverse speed up to 164,000 mm/min.
Positioning speed Z axis up to 50,000 mm/min.
Positioning accuracy Pa 0.07 mm according to VDI/DGQ 3441
Repeatability Ps 0.03 mm according to VDI/DGQ 3441
X, Y axis linear guides, driven on both sides and helical toothed racks
Z axis rack
Gantry type massive steel gantry

Control & software

Control iMSNC®
Main control panel ergonomic 24″ touchscreen control panel
Operating system Windows 11 Pro (64-bit)
Additional operating units portable operating unit (mounted on the main control panel)
All specifications subject to change