MSF Compact

MSF Compact is a powerful yet cost-effective version of MSF – without compromising any of the dynamic properties of the MSF line. The machine is designed for the production of highly accurate parts at high cutting speeds with a single cutting head. It has surprisingly low maintenance and operational costs. It is equipped with a fully telescopic single grate system mounted on linear guidelines which are pulled from the cabin to the front of the machine in order to ensure convenient loading and offloading.

Technical parameters

Machine sizes 1x2m, 1.25×2.5m, 1.5x3m
Max. number of tool stations 1 (only 2D cutting)
Max. thickness of material according to the laser source
Max. laser source power 4 kW
Bevel cutting no
Pipe cutting no
Drilling and tapping no
Positioning speed max 183 m/min
Bidirectional repeatability 0.03 mm/m

Please note: MSF Compact is supplied only in limited number of configurations and sizes.


It’s major new features are the compact gantry and the fume extraction table

  1. Construction of the MSF-Eco machine

It has an impressive gantry construction with double-sided drives through ground rack and pinions with helical gears. The machine frame consists of thick welded profiles, while guidelines of exchangeable grates are embedded on the frame inside, and guidelines for the gantry and drive racks on the outside.


The gantry of the machine is created from a steel carrier beam of square sections, into which a tube for increased torsion rigidity is welded. The cross support traverses on the carrier beam, while the drive is realised through a gear rack with helical gearing. The gantry and rack guidelines are covered by accordion bellows. The drive motion for lifting the cutting head is realised through a ball screw.

The machine drives use AC synchronous motors with Panasonic servo drivers. The extension of grates during exchange is driven by asynchronous motors with frequency converters.

The cabin interior contains optimal illumination of the entire working area through the use of fluorescent tubes. The electrical cabinet also contains internal lights.

The fume extraction table

Integrated into the frame bottom sides are the channels for the machine exhaust system, divided into 4 zones by cross rails installed directly to the frame construction. The length of 1 zone is 625 mm and the width of the zone depends on width of the working area divided by two (two parallel lines of zones e.g. for 2500 mm the working width of the zone is 1250 mm). Each zone is automatically activated when the cutting torch enters its area to achieve high efficiency of fume extraction. The cutting table is separate from the machine (gantry and track).

The grate of the cutting table can be pulled out from the cabin manually to the front of the machine to ensure a more convenient loading and off loading.