The AquaCut series

highly precise cutting without thermal effect

A high-precision CNC water jet cutting system, which was developed in order to process almost any material without affecting it thermally. With pure water or the addition of abrasives materials such as metal, stone , marble , armoured glass , ceramic , plastic , wood, thick corrugated cardboard  and foamed material can be cut. The machine can be equipped with a 5 -axis water jet rotator or combined with a plasma or drilling unit.


Accurate and highly precise cuts up to 300 mm

• No thermal load on the component
• Cuts of the finest contours
• precision in hundredths of a range
• cutting of all materials (stone, steel, glass, rubber, wood, sandwich panels)
• High-pressure technology up to 6.200 bar


Intelligent cutting angle compensation

To meet the high demands on precision and angularity on the components , the intelligent cutting angle compensation of MicroStep® determines the inertia of the cutting beam and compares them fully automatically in a range of + – 7 °.


Fully automatic bevel cutting up to 45 °

• Fully automatic and high precision bevel cuts of up to 45 °
• High running smoothness and dynamics thanks to AC drives
• Subsequent working on chamfers and on finished components
• Intuitive and simple programming of bevels with the MicroStep® CAM Software


Individual design of the Z -axis stroke of up to 1,400 mm

In order to ensure the appropriate flexibility in the processing of dished ends, with profiles as well as various higher components , the stroke of the Z- axis can be extend up to 1.400 mm.


Precise and resistant components

By default, hard chrome plated to protect against wear from abrasive wear and corrosion. In addition, there are scots bellows on all axes, which protect the guides from dirt and moisture. This results in a massive increase in lifetime of the machine


Various cutting table designs

Depending on the individuals needs cutting table versions can be supplied for the new AquaCut series:

• Galvanized steel construction
• Stainless steel design
• Design with central bulkhead


Efficient cutting tank – cleaning

In addition, the cutting tank can be equipped with a scraper conveyor and a sludge discharge.


Efficient cutting tank – Highest safety standards

In addition to the already high safety standards MicroStep®s’ system can be expanded as needed with the following safety equipment:

• Cable protection before and behind the portal
• Light barrier protection
• guarding of the entire cutting


iMSNC® Intelligent Control

In addition to the externally positioned control console with ergonomic 17 “touch screen display, the system has additional consoles on the gantry. This allows for the operator to easily interrupt a cutting program, do the installation process manually, import a new sheet metal panel or quickly perform a manual cut.


Intuitive and easy to use

So that you can concentrate on your products, our innovative software offers solutions, intuitively implementing drawings and cutting plans into finished components.


Remote Diagnostics

Allowing you quick and easy access via an Internet connection.


MicroStep’s modular design concept is optimally adapted to your production needs

The MG series can be configured with virtually any technology, thus forming the robust all-rounder from the MicroStep® home .

2D Cutting

The excellent cutting quality and dimensional accuracy of our 2D cutting systems reduces the post-processing of finished parts to a minimum.

For extreme precision cuts of up to 300mm MicroStep® makes the 2D waterjet cutting head. Whether for stainless steel, aluminium, stone, composite or reinforced glass the technology of water jet can separate all materials. The 2D waterjet head also comes standard with an intelligent cutting angle compensation of up to 7°..

Increase efficiency by simultaneously working with multiple heads. A total of up to 8 tools, including 2 bevel cutting heads can be mounted on a portal.

Bevel Cutting

A 5-axis rotation head for waterjet cutting enables fully automatic bevel cutting of conductive and non-conductive materials with bevels of up to 50°.

Drilling, Tapping, Countersinking

High capacity and optimum protection for your tool. The fully automatic sealable 8 -station tool magazine is located at the end of the cutting table. After a quick tool change, the magazine closes again automatically and protects the tool from dirt and damage.

The ideal solution for pre-drilling of sandwich panels in waterjet cutting. It greatly facilitates the piercing and cutting of the material.

Marking and Labelling

The inkjet marking unit with a nozzle suitable for single-line marking and labelling tasks. The size of the printed dots is about 3 mm.

By using a non-contact unit for ink jet marking, placed plates of up to 20,000 mm / min can be labelled. Alphanumeric characters, graphics and bar codes can be applied in a high resolution. Due to the technology used, innovation can be applied to various materials without damaging the surface. The low ink consumption and virtually wear -free technology, compared to other marking, will help to reduce your operating costs.

The needle marker uses a high- performance needle and penetrates the material to be marked up to 2.0 mm. Driven by Micro Step iMSNC® machine control it works the cutting job into the nested cutting plan automatically. We do not recommend the use of oily or rusty materials. The feed is based on the use of a high needle markers of up to 2,000.


Micro Step cutting machines can be equipped with automatic lubrication devices. All important points are thus automatically lubricated and assist the operator in the maintenance of the cutting system. By pressing a button the lubrication is performed and upon completion the user is informed.

The interface communicates with the existing runways and reports a locked facility or a clear work area on the flame cutting table. The flame cutting table is digitally divided into different zones. The system detects whether a crane is in the table area and thus locks the machine or recognizes that the machine is in the section to be travelled by the crane and therefore blocks the crane. The operator is notified of the situation on the control panel. This module can only functionally operate if it has been arranged for with the crane rail manufacturers.

MicroStep infoMessage® immediately informs you via SMS when your cutting machine stops during the processing of a cutting plan – no matter where you are. This allows you a fast and targeted intervention and the cutting plan can be recorded again. This saves on expensive machine downtime and increases the efficiency of your cutting system.


The MicroStep® light barrier secures the area around your system before the entry of people during the cutting operation. The light barrier may either give off an alerting beep or the cutting process can be stopped. This is particularly recommended for systems with high cutting speeds in the X direction.

The safety enclosure can be used universally for all technologies and ensures complete protection for employees whilst the cutting process is on the go.

Technical Data


Length of the Cutting Area* – 3.000 up to 18.000 mm
Width of the Cutting Area* – 1.500 up to 4.000 mm
The entire Cutting Area is completely workable with all tools.


Amount of Tools – 4
Possible Cutting Processes – Waterjet, combinable with Plasma
Possible amount of Bevel Cutting Heads – 2
Max Material Thickness for Waterjet – according to the pump up to 200 mm
Max Material Thickness for Plasma – according to power source up to 80 mm


Positioning Speed – up to 66.600 mm/min.
Positioning Accuracy – according to DIN 28206 / depending on the version up to the hundreth area
X-, Y-Axis – dual driven guides via helical rack and pinion
Z-Axis – ball screw

Control Unit and Software

Control – iMSNC®
Main Control Panel – ergonomic 17” Touchscreen
Software Package – Windows 8.1™ 64-bit PRO
Additional Controls –  2 LCD panels on the gantry


MicroStep® has its own software specifically designed for cutting

MicroStep® software solutions assist you so that you can concentrate on your production. Drawings and cutting plans are intuitively put into finished components. A part of the product range also includes automation solutions to organize your entire cutting process.

asperwin-basicAsperWin Basic

The Micro Step 2D CAM software AsperWin allows easy and intuitive creation of cutting plans for your facility.

asperwin-basicAsperWin Nesting

“AsperWin Nest” fully automatizes your cutting plans, thus achieving the optimum utilization of material. The items can be sorted and easily managed according to criteria such as material, material thickness and order numbers.

mpmproduction-managementMPM® Production Management

A powerful production management software for coordination, management and monitoring of your cutting process. From the management of cutting jobs, their automatic nesting, to cutting plans and up to detailed reports and costings.


The iMSNC® machine control handles even the most complex cutting tasks

The iMSNC control from Micro Step is one of the most advanced control systems for CNC cutting machines. It was developed to simplify and to reliably and effectively implement interface cutting plans for a modern user interface.

 MicroStep iMSNC® Control Unit

Handles even the most important performances at a glance:

– 17 “Touch-screen

– Efficient management of tool data

– Very short programming times

– Fast data transfer

– Flexible and fast

– Simplified representation

– Advanced cutting simulation for greater process reliability

– Intuitive input help with animated elements

The intelligent solution for cross-technology interface

The system consists of a single control panel with a TFT touch screen monitor and a control panel with a LCD display on the portal bridge. In order to achieve maximum efficiency and flexibility for our machines, the ergonomic control panel offers the option to run current cutting processes parallel with inter leading new cutting programs and to generate more NC codes. Since the iMSNC control system and all CAM software solutions are designed by us, the software with its versatile modules can be customized individually to your production requirements. Being tuned into the technology parameters database, a consistently high cutting quality even with different conditions is enabled. In order to optimize the production process the iMSNC control comes standard with a number of efficient evaluation tools. The necessary overview of current cutting jobs, cutting time, cost calculations or machine utilization is thus made easier.