Project Description



AdvanceForm is designed and built for the production environments which process high volume/low mix products. AdvanceForm shares the same modular structure with AccuraForm so customers purchasing AdvanceForm enjoy a rigid frame machined to 0,01 mm accuracy in single piece with a deep throat and high stroke/daylight that can form large format plates as well as deep box/panels.

Whether you want to form a part by air bending, bottoming or hemming, AdvanceForm’s advanced angle calculation formula, precise servo hydraulic system and electronic linear scales ensure you get the right part every time.

The editable material database on AdvanceForm lets you add as many material as you want and  even allows you to enter the springback of the material so the control can autocorrect angles to compensate for springback.

AdvanceForm comes with NexT 2.0, a full fledged 2D graphic control with 10″ touchscreen that is very easy to program and to run.

After you put in flange lengths and angles of the part you want to bend, NexT will tell you the exact dimension of the sheet you need to cut on your shear or laser cutting machine and will simulate the optimum bending sequence with minimum rotation of the part and avoiding any collision with tools or the machine.


AdvanceForm’s hand operated bed crowning system ensures even angles along the full length of the bed and can be upgraded to CNC controlled bed crowning on request.

Servo driven two axis (X,R) backgauge runs on high precision ballscrews and double linear guides for maximum precision.

It has two precision machined gauging fingers that can be moved along the backgauge bar on linear guides.


State of the art Hoerbieger hydraulics with servo proportional valves, honed and chrome covered cylinders with precision ground pistons with high quality seals ensure decades of trouble-free operation.


Auto stop-start function stops all the electric motors when the machine is left idle for a specified time and starts right back when the pedal or start button is pressed.

This feature not only reduces your electric bill and help save the environment but also prevents the hydraulic oil from reaching high temperatures therefore keeps the angles consistent from the start of the day to the end.

All NexT controls are equipped with remote diagnostic feature and in the unlikely event of an issue, our engineers can remotely connect to your machine and diagnose any issues you might have.

Standard Equipments

  • Rigid frame designed on SolidWorks with stress and deflection analysis, welded by certified welders and machined to 0,01 mm precision in single piece.
  • NexT 2.0 10″ 2D graphic touchscreen control.
  • Dependable servo hydraulic system provided by Hoerbieger.
  • Honed, chrome covered cylinders with high precision ground pistons
  • Y1-Y2 synchronized hydraulic cylinders running on dual ram guides on each side for smooth ascend and descend.
  • 2 axis backgauge (X,R)running on ballscrews with servo motors to easily gauge parts.
  • European and/or American style punch clamps
  • European die holder with quick change mechanism.
  • Full length precision ground and hardened punch and 4V die set.
  • Manual crowning of die bed for even angles along full length of bend.
  • High stroke and daylight for deep box/panel bending.
  • 500 mm throat depth to utilize full length and deep bends.
  • High resolution linear scales with an accuracy of 0,01 mm for precise bending.
  • Front support arms sliding on linear guides to easily gauge small parts.

Optional Equipments

  • Front laser guards for finger protection.
  • Automatic crowning of die bed for even angles along full length of bend.
  • Custom design throat, stroke and daylight.
  • Large selection of punches and dies.
  • Tandem Preparation
  • Automatic Lubrication System