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Fiber Laser cutting – also known as laser beam cutting – is particularly used in applications where metals have to be cut with a relatively thin material thickness with high precision and maximum processing speed. With very high cutting speeds and a low kerf, the laser technology allows for cutting of even the finest contours of materials.

With laser cutting the laser beam is absorbed at the cutting front and then generates a molten metal and vapor that is to be blown out immediately after formation by means of a gas stream. What remains is a cut gap, which may take any contours depending on the feed direction of the laser beam.

Because of the highly focused laser radiation and the high travel speed limited to a concentrated range of heat the components are not marred. Laser allows for a precise result. Unfortunately due to the high temperatures used with laser, a hardening of the edges can occur which can lead to challenges in subsequent processing.

Laser: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

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