MicroStep Is A Trusted Cutting Edge Machinery Partner

MicroStep SA has always believed in building its business by committing to dynamic partnerships with clients and designing solutions that contribute to their long-term success. To this end Microstep SA chatted with a customer about his experience with the business.

Clients’ feedback is paramount to Microstep SA. Aubrey Kent from Intermine Agencies, who recently bought and installed a Plasma Machine, was happy to answer a few questions about his experience with MicroStep SA. Intermine are Industry Leaders within the Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Platework and Construction fields.

MicroStep SA posed four essential questions to Aubrey:

1. What are the main factors that influenced your decision to invest with in a MicroStep machine?

2. How would you describe your experience with MicroStep SA during the negotiation and installation phases?

3. What are your expectations regarding the performance and capabilities of the MicroStep machine?”

4. What are your plans for your business, and how will you utilise your new MicroStep machine?”

Here is a summary of his answers; you can watch the full interview on the website at xxxx

Question 1: What are the Main Factors That Influenced Your Decision to Invest in a Microstep Machine?

First off, Aubrey highlighted the relationship he has with Microstep SA, “I have a longstanding relationship with Ludwig Oellerman, CEO of Microstep SA and the consistent influence of his decision-making. Microstep SA has a reputation as a reliable, credible partner. The non-disclosure agreement also factored into the equation, as did the significance of adding financing options to the company’s offering.”

Aubrey said “Microstep SA’s reputation as a reliable technology provider, technological advances, and the impact of the fourth industrial revolution was another factor that influenced Intermine’s decision.”

He added,” Microstep SA itself is a proven technology, aren’t they? And we believe they are the winners. And that’s why we are with them; we have looked at other competitors. This is the first big purchase we’ve ever had to make with financing and debt. We have always operated on a cash basis.

The pure internet of things for us, and the way the fourth industrial revolution will positively impact the business, made it a no-brainer for us to go with Microstep SA.”

Question 2: How Would You Describe Your Experience With MicroStep During the Negotiation and Installation phases?

Once again, Aubrey highlighted the exceptional experience with Microstep SA, led by Ludwig Oellermann. To quote Aubrey, “Throughout this time, Microstep South Africa remained steadfast during the turbulent times of COVID-19 and economic downturns, providing unwavering support. Moreover, their clear and precise advice, guidance, and willingness to assist wherever necessary have been invaluable.”

Installation is ultimately a critical factor in the process, and Aubrey listed 3 essential benefits of partnering with MicroStep SA:

1. A smooth installation process

2. Expertise during installation

3. Dedication to the precision and accuracy of installation

Given the challenge of installing machinery of this magnitude, Aubrey said witnessing the installation process was a delight. The precision and accuracy of the installation were a highlight for him.

He valued the dedication and expertise displayed during the installation which kept him invested throughout the process. What impressed him the most was the effortless manoeuvring of a gantry weighing four and a half tons.

Question 3: What are Your Expectations Regarding the Performance and Capabilities of the MicroStep Machine?”

As with any new installation of this cost and magnitude, there will always be concern about taking a big step in a new direction. Aubrey responded candidly to this question; he replied that Intermine has always been bold in trying something new even though MicroStep SA’s Machine is new technology. He outlined the benefits of embracing a new chapter:

• The Plasma machine will drastically help us improve our quality, time on the shop floor, production, and welding.

• Plasma simplifies planning and ensures that downstream activities are well coordinated.

• Employees’ jobs are not compromised because the Machine assists and improves the manufacturing process, enabling the business to grow and succeed.

Question 4: What are Your Future Plans for Your Business, and How Will You Utilise Your New MicroStep Machine?”

Aubrey contacted Ludwig while the MicroStep machine was in transit, saying, “Ludwig, you’re going to have to help me out. I’ve got a lot of work lined up for it and backing up for the Machine already. I’m putting a lot of faith in you. You’ll have to help me get this machine going because it’s crunch time.”

Wrapping up the interview, Aubrey confirmed that Intermine has no doubt about partnering with MicroStep SA and that Ludwig and his team would be there every step of the way to help grow the business and continually bring solutions to the table to ensure that Intermine succeeds.

How Can MicroStep SA Assist You To Improve Your Manufacturing Business?

MicroStep SA has an effective process to analyse your machinery needs and implement solutions to help you grow as a business. The process consists of five comprehensive steps:

1. Provide a FREE analysis of your needs and work out your cutting costs/outsourcing costs versus your sales.

2. Work out the best manufacturing solution for you and provide a specific quote to offer you the most cost-effective solution.

3. Show you how easy it is to own your Machine with the help of a financial model.

4. Order your Machine and assist you with the layout of your factory.

5. Install your Machine and train your team of operators effectively so that you can be in total control of your production and use the Machine to its full capability.

MicroStep SA has a dedicated and well-trained team of Service Engineers with a combined experience of 43 years who will ensure that the entire project runs smoothly and provide excellent after-sales assistance.

MicroStep SA Shows Clients How to Make Their Businesses Smarter Too

There is an added benefit for MicroStep’s customers. Ludwig Oellermann provides information on how to take the 2 Second Lean principle and apply that in your company’s environment. 2 Second Lean is a concept by Paul Akers. Ludwig has in-depth knowledge and experience with 2 Second Lean and successfully implemented it with clients and in his own business.

This advice benefits business owners who want to add impetus to their success and make their businesses and people smarter.

To find out how MicroStep can assist your business, complete the contact form at https://microstepsa.co.za/contact/ or email info@microstepsa.co.za

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