How Can Owning A High-Definition Plasma Cutter Optimize Your Business?

What is the difference between a standard Plasma and a High Definition Plasma Cutting Machine

A standard plasma system is a compressed air generated unit. Standard plasma systems are ideal for operations requiring simple cuts or cuts without intricate edges. Most cuts will have some degree of dross and the edge finishes can be less attractive. However, if the parts to be cut are to be used in secondary operations such as welding, or if edge quality is not of primary concern, then a standard plasma system would be the ideal, cost-effective choice.

If edge quality is of concern, or if more intricate cutting is needed, then you will probably need to upgrade to a high-definition unit. High-definition plasma units generally use a gas blend and have a smaller nozzle. The smaller nozzle tightens the plasma swirl, thus allowing an operator to cut more intricate parts. The gas blend (either manual or automatic control) uses one gas as a shield over the plasma swirl which keeps the stream straighter. High-definition plasma’s more directed plasma swirls result in less dross on the part, which reduces the amount of secondary processing needed.

The difference between standard and high-definition plasma truly becomes apparent once you start to cut materials thicker than 6mm. All plasma cuts will have a certain amount of angularity. Standard definition generally produces 15 degrees of angularity whereas a high-definition unit will produce closer to 2-3 degrees. This disparity only becomes apparent on materials thicker than 6mm. For any cuts higher than 6mm, the edge quality and squareness (amount of bevel) of the cut will be greatly affected if using a standard plasma unit. This is also true for hole cutting. The limitation of a standard plasma unit is that it will not be as accurate when cutting holes, due to the fact that they can only cut bolt holes that are 1.5 times the material thickness. This means that the smallest bolt hole a standard plasma cutting unit can cut is 1.5 times the material thickness.

High definition plasma units have the advantage that they can cut 1 : 1 bolt holes, meaning that if you have a 10mm plate you are able to also cut a 10mm bolt hole. This is achieved because high definition plasma uses a dual gas process when cutting holes.

The advantages of owning your own cnc plasma cutting system can be as follows:

  1. Your lead times of outsourced parts are reduced significantly, therefore your invoicing of finished products will materialize much faster. This will increase your cash flow and as we all know, cash is king!
  2. Your work in progress will also be significantly reduced as you do not have to keep parts in stock that have already been cut. You will only need to keep raw materials in stock which is about 30 – 40% less.
  3. Your turn around time from design to finished product is also reduced tremendously, as you are in control of the design process (CAD) as well as the cutting process on the machine.
  4. Off cuts percentage will also be reduced by a great margin as you are in control of the nesting of a part to be cut

Advantageous of State of the Art High-Def Plasma Cutting Systems

When one combines market leading High Definition Plasma Sources with world leading software and mechanically superior machines, one is able to add the following technologies which is not normally available from your run of the mill plasma cutting machine supplier.

With High Definition Plasma Cutting Machines, one is able to add 3D Bevel Cutting, which enables you to cut weld preps and chamfers, which eliminates manual labour intervention and therefore increases turn around times and bottom line profits.

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