GK Steel is ready for the Future

GK Steel is continuously expanding their production facilities to ensure that they always stay ahead of the game

They ensure that their customer’s needs are always met with their on time delivery and excellent cutting quality.

So how do they do it?

GK Steel already run their operation with 3 MicroStep Plasma Cutting Machines in Middelburg and 2 Cnc Plasma Cutting Machines at their Steelport branch. The owner, Gerhard Kolesky saw more growth potential for his business and made the decision to invest in the latest Fiberlaser Cutting Technology MicroStep has to offer.

He can now offer his customers an even better and more efficient service with cleaner cuts and faster delivery.

His 4000mm x 2000mm Cutting size, with a 4kW IPG Laser Source, Fiberlaser Cutting Machine can cut 0.5mm up to 20mm mild steel, 0.5 up to 15mm stainless steel and 1mm up to 10mm aluminium.


What is the MSF Fiberlaser Cutting Machine from MicroStep and what is it capable of?

The MSF machine is a powerful laser cutting system for cutting materials with a fiber laser, or a combination of fiber laser and plasma. The machine is designed for the production of highly accurate parts at high cutting speeds along with surprisingly low maintenance and operational costs. Cutting of non-ferrous metals such as copper or brass is also possible. The outstanding dynamics of MSF is achieved by a low-seated gantry, digital AC drives and precise planetary gears. The position of all axes is measured by incremental encoders. Due to the wavelength, the complete system is enclosed in a security cabin which provides good accessibility while preserving the necessary protection required. For convenient material handling, the machine is equipped with a MicroStep shuttle table that significantly reduces the idle time during loading and unloading and increases the productivity of the machine.

It has an impressive gantry construction with double-sided drives through ground rack and pinions with helical gears. The machine frame consists of thick welded profiles, while guidelines of exchangeable grates are embedded on the frame inside, and guidelines for the gantry and drive racks on the outside.

The gantry of the machine is created from a steel carrier beam of square section, into which a tube for increased torsion rigidity is welded. The cross support traverses on the carrier beam, while the drive is realised through a gear rack with helical gearing. The gantry and rack guidelines are covered by accordion bellows. The drive motion for lifting the cutting head is realised through a gear rack with helical gearing.

The machine drives use AC synchronous motors with Panasonic servo drivers. The extension of grates during exchange is driven by asynchronous motors with frequency converters.

The cabin interior contains optimal illumination of the entire working area through the use of LED stripes. The electrical cabinet also contains internal lights.

Jannie Botha- General Manager, GK Steel had to say: “Thank you to you and your team!” They are very impressed with their new system.

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