At MicroStep South Africa we aim to assist you in growing your business and assisting you in securing growth for yourself and your employees.

If you are successful, we are successful.

We are aware that our solutions may seem daunting and perceived as overwhelmingly expensive.

This is why we present you with a calculation and show you a solutions investment vs outsourcing costs.

Even so, you see the full potential of investing in a MicroStep System, but still know that you cannot finance it on your own.

This is where our partnerships with financial institutes can be beneficial to you.

Have you ever wondered how much tonnage you would need to cut to afford your own machine?

Take your cutting into your own hands

One of the Companies we work with is Optimum Group.

They provide finance solutions to suit both your company’s budget and growth objectives, without compromising your quality and productivity. They support the development and expansion of your business, irrespective of the scale of your operation, and will provide you with the operational and financial expertise required to ensure your operational efficiency.