Drilling, Tapping and Countersinking

CNC – controlled drilling, tapping and countersinking is used in industrial productions for drilling of precise cylindrical holes into the material. With a well-tuned cutting drilling combination, metal sheets can be drilled with only one system, lowered and then cut out in one day. In this way head plates, saddle plates or flanges are manufactured.

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Drilling, tapping and countersinking: MircoStep® cutting systems can combine all of these methods in one single system, without affecting the quality of the components. The advantages of such a combination of different methods is obvious: No time-consuming handling of components and no further tightening and any re- programming of the component at the cutting system – the entire process is completed using one cutting system.

Drilling, Tapping, Countersinking
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Drilling, Tapping, Countersinking

For quick processing and tool change either a 6, 8 – or 16 – foldtool magazine is available, in which the tools are protected against cutting dust and damage. After drilling, the system automatically switches to the cutting tool (eg, plasma) and cuts all planned contours (2D and 3D).

Especially important for high precision of the finished component are two things: Firstly, the distance must be measured between the drilled hole and the outer contour of the kerf and taken into account. A precise measurement of the torch tip is necessary for this. On the other hand, the offset between the burner and drilling tool has to be determined exactly. Both things are made capable using the patented calibration of MicroStep®.

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