Dome Cutting

There can often be relatively high deviations of dome cutting to another – even within a batch. This requires an intelligent cutting system that factors in the differences between the dished ends to be processed and can then compensate accordingly.

Dome Cutting

A series of measurements to determine all the variations in curvature and shape are calculated on the dished end when the MicroStep® cutting system program starts up. The metrics will be changed accordingly with the geometric formula and then implemented into the cutting plan.

Often the system reacts intelligently with deviations and shall in particular in larger series result in high precision in the finished product.

When machining dished ends with robots, deviations cannot be compensated with the same extent as a robot repeats the semi-skilled work flow exactly. An alternative manual processing method is too costly: Each breakthrough would first need to be calculated, then designed , cut and eventually reworked.

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Dome Cutting - Cutting of Dished Ends
Dome Cutting - Machinery construction methods

Machinery construction methods

Depending on the task and number of pieces to be cut there are two different designs to choose from:

1. 1) Straight forward dished ends cutting machine
Dished End Forming Cutting System

This construction is designed to cut a large series of dished ends efficiently and flexibly – and up to a maximum diameter of 6,000 mm and 2,500 mm in height.

Advantages of this machine:

• Short set-up times
• Fast and flexible exchange between different soil diameters
• Processing of the dome, and the brim of the shelf (complete machining)
• Possibility of weld preparation
• Bevel cutting up to 120 ° tilt

2. 2) Dished Ends with  flatbed combination

This construction combines flexible cutting of dished ends with precise flatbed cutting. The processing is carried out onto the rim and in connection with the R5 Rotator® weld preparations may be mounted up to 50 °.

Advantages of this machine:

•  Flexible process change between the floor and flatbed
•  Ideal for occasional processing of dished ends
•  Costs saving due to only using one system

Dome Cutting - Dished Ends with flatbed combination

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