Digital heart of MicroStep production systems.

CyberFab [Cybernetic Fabrication] is a suite of digital tools and apps that enable efficient operation, planning and management of MicroStep based production systems through automation and digitalization

CyberFab [Cybernetic Fabrication] digital ecosystem addresses the requirement for a comprehensive approach to fabrication machinery in terms of production management, performance tracking and connectivity within the frameworks of smart industry and IIoT.

The core of the ecosystem is the new generation MicroStep control system CyberFab Control that works as an edge device for continual collecting, storing and evaluating of data in three main areas of CyberFab – PerformanceProduction and Diagnostics.

CyberFab suite provides digital tools and apps such as CyberFab ManagerMachine ManagerUser ManagerWorkstation Manager or Service Manager that streamline operator experience, automate production processes, digitize and manage production machines and enable seamless integration of MicroStep machinery into smart factory solutions.

Production managment

data powered production planning & tracking


trace the parts progress throughout
the production stages

Data collection

continuous data stream & edge processing


open to connecting external devices

Intelligent diagnostics

preventive & predictive maintenance based on big data analysis


integration with north-bound information systems



Measure, analyze & adapt: Get the most out of your machinery by utilizing real-time performance data



Automate and manage your production with CyberFab Control and CyberFab Manager



Prevent unexpected downtimes thanks to continuous auto-monitoring of your equipment


The power of overview: Monitor your production in real time to make sure nothing hangs


Need something for the record? Export fully customizable reports tailored to your needs

CyberFab Connect

Integrate production machines with information systems of your company

Intelligent user interface

The intuitive and easy UI is fully integrated with CyberFab Manager to ensure high productivity of cutting systems not only with automatic, but also manual handling, nudging operators to uninterrupted machine utilization. Convenience of operation is supported by a 24″ touch screen and built-in parameter databases

Super dynamic motion control

Motion control is taken to the next level by introducing proprietary interpolation algorithms, optimized for high machine dynamics and fine contour quality. CyberFab Control thus ensures the best cutting results for the most demanding laser applications while maintaining a high level of flexibility that characterizes all MicroStep systems

Integrated digital functionality

CyberFab Control supports the CyberFab ecosystem as an edge device that continually collects, stores and evaluates data on machine production, performance and diagnostics. In return, CyberFab Control receives always up-to-date production planning, operation and maintenance data

Dashboard – Home Screen

New generation of intranet applications interface


  • Technological parameters shared between production machines – instant production setup

  • Configuration and production databases of machines shared with CyberFab applications – highly accurate evaluation of planned production

  • Targeted system communication with users according to user competences – receive only messages that are relevant to your job

  • Intelligent operator interface displays only the functional elements that are related to currently running processes – highly focused operation

  • Intranet applications with access to production, utilization, operation and maintenance info for each machine through company intranet – machine apps available conveniently and remotely

Work position – Loader

Workstation Manager module provides tools to control the complete process of manufacturing parts and assemblies in a single integrated system. It manages next operations such as bending, deburring, sawing or others that are required within the same project:

  • operators on workstations downstream of the cutting process receive task lists based on the current state of production that contain instruction sets for their specific operations and also information on parts flow
  • tasks can be either displayed on a screen and performed by human operators, or directly interfaced to other smart equipment
  • all completed operations are logged to ensure the production database is up-to-date at all times

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