References from some of our Customers

We spoke to a very few of our customers to get their input on what they thought of MicroStep and the machines they have purchased.

We have many customers that have bought 2, 3 and even 5 machines from us, which is testimony to the quality and capability of MicrpStep CNC Machines.

“I was so impressed with the PLS plasma machine from MicroStep that I bought in 2006, as it allowed me to increase my production. When I needed another Plasma Cutter to assist me with the added work load it was a no brainer to purchase another MicroStep machine. I now also own a Mastercut Compact Plasma Cutter and am very happy with it”.- Karl Eldring, Shutcor, Pretoria

“Microstep offered us more than we expected. We got a bigger bed, a 3D head, tapping and drilling…what I have gotten out of the machine is unbelievable…I paid more, but I was getting so much more”….Tobie Esterhuizen-Tegmul Engineering

“We had a plasma cutter from another manufacturer which we were not happy with at all. I needed a new machine and although the Microstep Plasma was much more expensive, I was sold on the after service the company offered and I saw the possibilities the machine had to offer. I realize now that I made the correct choice as the machine purchase pays off on a daily basis”-Edwin Bisschops-Bisschops Staalwerke-MG Plasma Cutter 6000 x 2500

“MicroStep is much more advanced in the plasma cutting machinery than other manufacturers and there are so many more possibilities with the machine. Easyway Gadgets is now looking into the possibility of a MicroStep Fiberlaser.”-Rickus Senekal, Easyway Gadgets-PLS Plasma Cutter 13000 x 2500

For more information on our extensive customer base, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to share so that you can contact them directly.

Cutting of I Beams

Cutting of I Beams