Corner Loop: Faster Cutting Times with MicroStep Solutions

With optimized settings, the Corner Loop gets you the most out of your cutting system and significantly speeds up the cutting process of 2D contours and bevel cuts.

Are you looking to save time and reduce consumables consumption when creating pieces with 2D contours and chamfer cuts?

Depending on the component, the MicroStep solution, “Corner Loop” in combination with an endlessly rotating bevel unit saves a lot of production time, as MicroStep shows in a video. See below

The MicroStep Plasmarotator is an endless turning beveling unit for 3D processing of sheet metal, tubes, profiles and dished ends. This rotator head has caused a great leap in quality of cutting in many production cycles. This is due to its variability, precision and dynamics. The rotator in conjunction with the MicroStep technology “Corner Loop” is also able to save even more time on complex components and reduce the consumption of wear parts.

In a video filmed at the MicroStep CompetenceCenter in Germany, the  manufacturer of cutting systems, controls and software demonstrates the results of cutting a star-shaped piece with different 2D and 3D contours. In a time comparison MicroStep contrasts two different settings on a multifunctional MG, CNC Plasma Cutting System.

On the one side, the cutting process takes place in a standardized way: First, the 3D contours are cut, followed by the 2D cuts. On the right side, the cutting process is carried out using Corner Loop technology: the change from 2D to 3D cutting and back is automatic and uninterrupted. With the Corner Loop, all parameters such as cutting speed, cutting height, kerf, chamfer angle, chamfer size, etc. are automatically adjusted, enabling a quick change from 2D to 3D and back. In addition to the time savings of more than 30 percent shown in the video, the consumption of wear parts is also reduced due to the lower number of ignitions.

The Task:

Creation of a complex pattern consisting of several 2D contours and five bevel cuts

Time comparison:

Standardized cutting process vs. Corner loop

In a video, MicroStep shows how using the corner loop saves more than 30 percent of production time in making a part with multiple 2D and 3D contours.

Here are the two variants for comparison:

The Standard Cutting Process:

This already has been accelerated by an optimized crossing height, compared to the conventional variant

Corner Loop:

Also uses an optimized crossing height and an additional automatic, uninterrupted change from 2D to 3D cutting