Bevel Cutting Solutions for the Industry

The area of bevel cutting has been one of priorities and an integral part of MicroStep’s R&D for many years. We soon enough acknowledged the importance of this technology for streamlining of the production process and realized that many fields of the engineering industry would greatly benefit from its proper development. Thanks to our long-term focus and experience we were able to continuously innovate and, furthermore, develop new technologies that secured MicroStep a stable place amungst market leaders in bevel cutting. According to field studies, up to 50 % of parts produced in the CNC cutting industry worldwide need to have beveled edges, yet only a considerably smaller percentage of machines is equipped with bevel tool stations. The reason may be the additional cost of this advanced equipment, but mainly it is a relatively low awareness of decision makers of this technology as well as the availability and reliability of contemporary beveling tool stations.

The benefits easily outweigh the higher initial investment as the outcome is greater work precision as well as significant savings of production time and capacities. Moreover, in automated preparation of beveled edges on 3D objects such as domes, pipes, rectangular or IPE profiles, the use of specialized tool stations on gantry-based machines brings a great financial benefit compared to the commonly used robots.

Since the introduction of our plasma rotator in 2000 and a waterjet rotator in 2001, MicroStep has made continuous efforts to establish automated CNC bevel cutting as a common and highly efficient production technology for preparation of weld edges on different types of materials. Our goal is to deliver cutting machines that are kept simple in operation, yet can produce cut parts with bevels in convincing quality and precision.

Throughout the years, improvements of mechanics and motion control of our rotary- and 3D tilting tool stations went hand in hand with the third-party development of energy-beam sources and our implementation of the latest cutting technologies developed by our suppliers. Thanks to this background, we are now able to offer a comprehensive bevel cutting solution for a wide range of materials and thicknesses. Furthermore, thanks to unique features of our in-house developed control system iMSNC and a profound knowledge of different cutting technologies, MicroStep machines are capable of combining various technologies (e.g. plasma and waterjet) within a single cutting plan.

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