We at MicroStep have realized that this is a major headache and that a lot of cash and money is being wasted. The return on scrap material is highly undervalued and therefore directly affects your bottom-line profit. Up to now, very expensive CAM software solutions have been un-affectively used to manage remnant plates. CAM systems are controlled from the office environment and are not user friendly on the factory floor. This leads to much frustration, as remnant plates have to be stored in a specific location to be accessible, once needed for a specific nesting job. The result is a huge waste of space and remnant plates that normally just end up collecting dust or have already been utilized in the production process and are therefore no longer available. This causes further frustration. This situation leads to a lack of motivation or hesitancy to continue to use the CAM remnant plate management system, resulting in not using the investment that was planned for.

MicroStep offers Solution

Our solution entails the following user-friendly process. We, at MicroStep have come up with a unique solution to place your scrap sheet back with usable cutting area on to the cutting table. The process the operator follows is by switching on the integrated laser pointer which is controlled from the side of the gantry. A start point is chosen and a straight-line sequence is followed until the usable section has been defined. Parts that have to be cut are able to be nested immediately onto this defined usable section.  Once this is in place the cutting process begins. This results in the ability to have a much higher percentage of usage of all your skeletons. This, on the factory floor, simple to use solution is much more manageable and more cost effective than any remnant plate CAM management systems. This MicroStep offering is also not a very costly investment, which makes it even more attractive.

This is just one more way, that we at MicroStep endeavour to assist you, our valued customer to generate high returns on investment.

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