MicroStep has come up with another exciting technology feature. ABP, Additional Beveling Process is the new feature that will save you time and wow your customers.

Since the introduction of the plasma rotator MicroStep has been busy with continuous development in the field of bevel cutting technology . Improvements of mechanics and motion control went hand in hand with the development of plasma sources and implementations of latest cutting technologies. This resulted in the unique features of the current version:
– Endless tool rotation with a fixed tool center point
– Arc voltage height control during cutting (ATHC)
– ITH torch holder with a slip-back function and an advanced sensor system for material position detection
– Self-teaching auto-calibration system of tool geometry (ACTG) which significantly improves long-term accuracy and reduces maintenance time
– Initial height sensing via electric contact in the plasma torch
– Adaptive bevel compensation (ABC)

With all these possibilities MicroStep still felt the need to further improve the technology and now they can announce the new innovation.

Additional beveling process (ABP) that enables the creation of bevels on vertically pre-cut parts.
After loading an original 2D part drawing into AsperWin®, the user simply defines the desired bevels and the system will generate a cutting plan for ABP. To find the exact location and position of the straight-cut part on the cutting table, the machine uses a laser line ABP scanner. During scanning it compares the ideal shape (drawing) and real contour of the part and after verification of the starting point it will cut the additional bevels. To ensure the accuracy of the system in long-term use, ACTG station is used for scanner calibration as well.


Part cut with ABP-Additional Bevel Process

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