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In modern 2D Cutting, in the field of metal processing any contours and holes from either a sheet, a tube or profile is cut by plasma, oxyfuel, laser or water jet technology. Depending on the cutting method, cuts from any type of metal such as structural steel, stainless steel, aluminium or titanium are possible.

The methods are used in almost all areas of the metalworking industry – such as in steel centres and shipyards or in the automotive and aeronautics sector. In short, wherever metal or cut metal components must be cut.

The variety of shapes are almost limitless: Even highly complex components with filigree contours can be cut in one piece from the sheet and then further processed using a modern 2D cutting process . In addition to the thermal separation processes such as plasma, laser and oxy-fuel cutting, there is also the water jet cutting.

2D Cutting
2D Cutting

Almost all modern cutting systems in 2D – cutting are designed as a portal machine (similar to a giant portal – plotter). The systems today operate with multifunctional CNC controls bearing in mind that a digital drawing of the component is to be manufactured (CAD drawing). This is transferred to a programming system (CAM system) basis for the cutting process. In this programming system, a so-called “nesting plan” is created manually or automatically. This describes the arrangement of the components that are to be cut out of the plate. The programme defined components are connected with other information technology to create further options such as “inner contour/outline”, “cuts in the clockwise or counter-clockwise” direction. The final plan is passed onto the respective machine control system that puts the cutting process in motion.

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In the field of plasma cutting technology today, MicroStep is the global market leader. This is because MicroStep cutting systems combine cutting-edge technologies and processes. Depending on the type of machine – MicroStep – cutting systems in addition with 2D sheet metal cutting can conduct the following applications: 3D tube and profile processing, weld preparation and dished ends.

2D Cutting


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