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2D Cutting

Welcome to MicroStep South Africa, a leading provider of cutting-edge 2D cutting solutions. We specialise in delivering state-of-the-art technology and innovative software and hardware components that revolutionize the precision and efficiency of metal cutting operations. With our advanced 2D cutting technology, intricate shapes and complex contours can be achieved with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring the highest quality end products. Our systems employ a combination of high-speed linear drives, precise torch height control, and advanced cutting algorithms to optimize cutting speed, minimize material waste, and enhance productivity.

Whether you work with mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or other materials, our 2D cutting systems provide the flexibility to handle various thicknesses and deliver consistent, clean cuts. Our intuitive user interface and comprehensive software packages allow operators to easily program and control the cutting process, ensuring seamless integration into manufacturing workflows. At MicroStep South Africa, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge 2D cutting solutions that set a new standard of excellence, enabling businesses to achieve superior results and stay ahead in today’s competitive market.

Explore our range of 2D cutting systems and experience the precision, efficiency, and productivity that MicroStep South Africa offers.

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2D Cutting

In modern 2D Cutting, in the field of metal processing any contours and holes from either a sheet, a tube or profile is cut by plasma, oxyfuel, laser or water jet technology. Depending on the cutting method, cuts from any type of metal such as structural steel, stainless steel, aluminium or titanium are possible.

The methods are used in almost all areas of the metalworking industry – such as in steel centres and shipyards or in the automotive and aeronautics sector. In short, wherever metal or cut metal components must be cut.

The variety of shapes are almost limitless: Even highly complex components with filigree contours can be cut in one piece from the sheet and then further processed using a modern 2D cutting process . In addition to the thermal separation processes such as plasma, laser and oxy-fuel cutting, there is also the water jet cutting.

2D Cutting

Most modern 2D cutting systems are designed as portal machines, similar to giant portal plotters. These systems are equipped with multifunctional CNC controls, taking into consideration that a digital drawing of the component, known as a CAD drawing, needs to be manufactured. This drawing is then transferred to a programming system, known as a CAM system, which serves as the basis for the cutting process. In this programming system, a “nesting plan” is created either manually or automatically.

This plan describes how the components are arranged on the plate for cutting. The components defined in the program are connected to other information technology to provide additional options, such as “inner contour/outline” and selecting the direction of cuts (clockwise or counterclockwise). The final plan is then sent to the respective machine control system, which initiates the cutting process.

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2D Cutting

In the field of plasma cutting technology today, MicroStep is the global market leader. This is because MicroStep cutting systems combine cutting-edge technologies and processes. Depending on the type of machine – MicroStep – cutting systems in addition with 2D sheet metal cutting can conduct the following applications: 3D tube and profile processing, weld preparation and dished ends.

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The MSF Max is the giant among fiber laser cutting solutions. The 3D high-speed cutting machine was designed for precise processing.


The WaterCut series

The WaterCut is a solid and very precise CNC guiding machine in gantry construction, especially developed for continuous use in waterjet cutting (with or without abrasive).



EasyCut is a robust and precise CNC cutting machine designed for multiple-shift heavy-duty oxyfuel and plasma cutting.



The MSF Max is the giant among fiber laser cutting solutions. The 3D high-speed cutting machine was designed for precise processing.



Multi-purpose cutting machine allowing to integrate wide palette of additional accessories.



Machine designed for fully automated cutting especially oxyfuel cutting in combination with plasma cutting.



ProfileCut machine offers a comprehensive solution for steel structure production. It incorporates various cutting zones, including a dedicated area for structural profiles, and employs a laser scanner to ensure precise cutting based on the profile's actual shape.



The DRM Series The DRM is an advanced CNC cutting machine specifically designed for a wide range of dome, sheet, and pipe applications. With its robust gantry, it ensures stable and vibration-free operation, even when handling heavy equipment such as automatic oxyfuel triple torches. The machine also features a 120° rotator [...]



The CombiCut Series Enables cutting of material thicknesses of up to 300 mm. Furthermore, the CombiCut can be fitted with various technologies such as a plasma- rotator or a tripple Flame cutting unit (Oxyfuel).Drilling Tool station with capasity of up to 40mm dia and even different marking technologies. If required up [...]



AquaCut is a high-precision CNC cutting machine designed for processing of a wide variety of materials including those that cannot be subject to thermal or mechanical stresses.

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