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MicroStep SA is your CNC Cutting Machinery and Automation Partner

Fiber Laser | Plasma | Oxyfuel | Water-Jet

MicroStep South Africa provide industry leading CNC cutting machinery options

We Offer 4 Unique Types Of Cutting Solutions Under One Trusted Brand

PlasmaCut 2

Plasma Cutting

Laser Cutting 2

Laser Cutting

Watercut 2

WaterJet Cutting

Flame Cutting 2

OxyFuel Cutting

At MicroStep SA, we aim to understand your cnc cutting machinery and automation needs.

We are here to help you, the manufacturer, cut your parts in house and at a lower cost.

With our versatile machinery options (Laser, Plasma, WaterJet and Oxyfuel) and affordability plans, avoid outsourcing frustration and take control of your production output.

At MicroStep SA we understand these challenging economic times. We help you, the manufacturer cut your parts in house.
With our versatile machinery options (Laser, Plasma, WaterJet and Oxyfuel) and affordability plans, avoid frustration and take control of your production output.

Welcome to MicroStep South Africa, your trusted partner for high-quality cutting solutions.

We are proud to be part of the global MicroStep Group, which has been delivering innovative cutting technologies for over 25 years. Our South African team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service and support, offering a wide range of cutting solutions to meet your unique needs. From laser, plasma, and oxyfuel cutting systems to waterjet cutting machines, our cutting-edge technologies are designed to help you increase productivity, improve efficiency, and achieve exceptional results.

Explore our website to learn more about our products and services, and contact us to discuss how we can help you take your cutting operations to the next level.

We Offer 4 Unique Types Of Cutting Solutions Under One Trusted Brand

Flame Cutting 1

Flame Cutting

Fiber Laser Cutting

Fiber Laser



Waterjet cutting - South Africa Icon - Microstep




Fiber Laser


You Can Cut, Tap, Drill and Mark Parts Such As These

All in one, straight and bevel cutting, Drilling, tapping, counter sinking and marking-all on one machine
OxyFuel Cutting | Microstep | South Africa

You Can Cut, Tap, Drill and Mark Parts Such As These

What Our Clients Say

“Since we have acquired the machine we have been able to increase our capacity and have been able to deliver on projects timeously. This has opened up our ability to take on more. MicroStep SA service levels experienced to date have been good and availability of consumables have never been an issue”

“I had initially bought another Plasma Cutting Machine on auction, which then turned out not to be for sale. I then needed a new plasma cutting machine and I was put in touch with Ludwig from MicroStep SA.

Ludwig demonstrated the capabilities of the machine as well as long term possible savings. We did our research and received a quote from another global competitor, but MicroStep came up stronger in my view. My gut feel was to go with MicroStep and it has definitely been the right choice.”


“Bono Steel has been engaging with customers and has realised the need for a quicker product turnaround time. We need to produce a component that is cut, ground, bevelled and ready for welding. By speeding up our services, we become more efficient and save ourselves and our customers time and money. We also determined that there was a need to cut stainless steel up to 50mm thick and the MicroStep plasma cutter is more than capable of handling this, with excellent repeatability and consistency.”

We saw an opportunity to further diversify our current service offering. Thanks to the additional options, we can now offer our customers an expanded range of services and offer everything from a single source.

Automation Software

Digital heart of MicroStep production systems.

CyberFab [Cybernetic Fabrication] is a suite of digital tools and apps that enable efficient operation, planning and management of MicroStep based production systems through automation and digitalization



At MicroStep South Africa, we understand that investing in new cutting equipment can be a significant financial commitment for your business. That’s why we offer a range of flexible financing options to help you acquire the cutting machines you need without breaking the bank.

Our partnerships with leading financial institutions allow us to offer customized financing packages tailored to your specific needs, including lease options, installment plans, and financing with low interest rates. We will work with you to find the best financing solution that fits your budget and helps you achieve your business goals.

Contact us today to learn more about our financing options and start your journey towards acquiring a cutting machine that will take your business to new heights.

We are your Partner in Cutting and Automation.

Including 2D and 3D cutting, tapping and drilling as well as marking. On flat sheet, domes, round, rectangular, square ,I-beam, channel and angles.


We supply the most cost-effective and automative solutions for manufacturers wanting to automate their cutting process.

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